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  • 01

    Developing UX/UI

    A passage through the implementation of design and animations to achieve an optimal user experience, where we aim to expand on its processes and ways.

    Ismael Salamano
    Ismael Salamano Senior UX/UI Developer
  • 02

    Styling in React

    While many aspects of the development of applications with React have been, to a certain degree, standardized, styling presents us with several options, each one of them, with its pros and cons.

    Andrés Boga
    Andrés Boga Senior Fullstack Developer
  • 03

    Think React from Out of the Box

    Yet another renderer talk? In this talk we are going to see how to create a custom renderer, pushing the limits of what we can achieve by using React.

    Diego Muracciole
    Diego Muracciole Senior JS Developer
  • 04

    A bit of Go

    We will share some of our experiences with Go, the language that has taken the cloud infrastructure world by storm, analyzing how its tradeoffs measure up in each case.

    Andrés Rodríguez
    Andrés Rodríguez Senior Fullstack Developer
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The D-Day emerges as a meetup where we aim to share knowledge of various aspects of the technological, development and design environment, in Uruguay and the world, through participants from both our company and colleagues.

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